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Apollos Muse


Apollos Muse is a name given to me, from a friend, whom is also a writer. True in its form, I am a sexually sensitive woman, who loves the body in all forms. I love people, personalities that differ, originality that stands out, and cultural diversity. I am a educated, independent woman that strives to be compassionate, to all those I meet. These qualities have moved me outside of the box, I was raised in and allowed me the freedom to truly live and breathe. Here is where I share my sexy thoughts, passions, and desires. I also share the desires and fantasies that have been shared with me, sometimes in a moment of weakness, others in a time of passion. My driving force is to encourage, motivate, and educate people about sex and masturbation. It is the most natural way to keep the body in harmony. It makes me sad when I think of how sexual gratification, has become a sin, a evil, or a naughty thing. actuality, sex make a person happy, loving, brings the toughest, to gentleness, and make some who are weak become strong. If I could shout it from the roof tops so all could here, I would say, "The more you satisfy the longings your body has to release, the better of a person you will become." I write stories about beautiful sexual encounters, because it sparks a desire back in those that have suppressed, especially women, who don't feel sex, who have birthed children, and who withhold from their partners because they see it as a job. I love sex, pleasure, and passion and these are my stories! Enjoy~

  • Work
    • Writer~Lover~Mother~Wife~Speaker~
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    • College~37 Years of Experience