Apoorva Chaudhari

Technical Program Manager in New York

Apoorva Chaudhari

Technical Program Manager in New York

Greetings, I’m Apoorva . If you would like to learn about my passions and hobbies, do stay for a bit on this page, read along!

I was born and raised in Mumbai, one of the most vibrant and multi-cultural cities in the world. I have inherited my cosmopolitan and broad outlook, and the 'keep running' attitude from this city; Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps! And I drink too much coffee.

Not-so-academically, I am much interested and passionate about rail and public transit systems throughout the world. I am quite thorough with my knowledge about the Suburban Mumbai rail transit. Fun Fact : I can exactly visualize and count the position of every rail signal along the entire route of the Mumbai Western Railway division!

I am very intrigued by subway tunnel layouts, signaling, traction power, rakes and the rolling stock. The newest and my latest attraction, is the New York City suburban network. It's a network of networks, its the Internet of trains!

I love biking, I bike everywhere in the city. If it were to me, I would have a bike and a train in every corner of the planet.

Transit binds society and people together. Its a shared thought and a shared ride!

Cooking and experimenting (failing miserably!) with various culinary styles has me giving it a try very often. I have a strong sense of taste, and I consider myself an average cook, as I have potentially, quite stirred up a storm a few times.

I am always down for a swim and water bodies of any kind (beaches, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes) fascinate me. I feel rejuvenated and re-energized merely spending time in their vicinity. The message - to walk ahead and not look back. I attribute this to my propensity for the color blue, especially the lighter hues.

If we share some common interests or you have some fascinating piece of information, do say hello. Or maybe, anyway, just say Hi!

  • Work
    • JP Morgan Chase & Co
  • Education
    • Masters in Computer Science
    • Rutgers University