Akshay Popawala

Director in Mumbai, India

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As you can read above, I’m Akshay Popawala or ‘Popo’ as my friends call me, and I run a digital agency that I co-founded along with two of my best friends. I’m here to relate what I’ve learnt in the brief span of my life, and from my foray into the digital space.

I want to create a community of like-minded people who I can connect and share ideas with.Being in the digital space has taught me a lot.I’m finally getting to apply a lot of concepts I struggled with for the most part of my school life. Being a poor student in school made me realize that nothing that was enforced upon me managed to make an impact. That is possibly the reason why I went on to do well at University, because I learnt there that nobody is ever wrong.

Your perception of something could be the weirdest thingever, but it would be okay as long as you have enough data to back it up,unless you’re suggesting Manchester

United isn’t the best football team there is.It gave me the opportunity to think and have an opinion, and these became the driving factors for me to stumble upon the digital world.

More than anything, I enjoy the culture of the digital industry. It has a people-centric approach, as compared to redundancy of the corporate world. I need change in my life, and digital enables me to work in a constantly changing environment.Being at work makes me happy. My ideal day is where I get work done, and am able to begin the next day with a fresh mindset.

Having run multiple businesses successfully has helped me gain knowledge that can prove to be valuable to anyone who’s looking to venture into the industry. Being a part of the digital world has given me exposure to learning various things about the industry and I’ve gradually become better at it. All in all, it’s been a fun ride up until now, and I can’t wait for you to join me on it!