Anna Pops

Anna Pops

Hi my dears. I’m Anna and my present occupation is being mother and wife. I have a six month adorable daughter and a wonderful and supportive husband.

Even before my little smurf come into this world I started reading a lot about parenting and over time it become a hobby.

Who doesn’t want to be the perfect parent, with the right answers? We all want of course, but even that is not possible, we can still try, we can do the best we can. At least we will know that we will offer something better to the world.

I consider that the honesty is very good and important when you begin a relationship and I want ours to be a strong and powerful one.

I started this blog about parenting and family because in this moment is what I do better and I like it very much. Because it’s wonderful to mix the pleasure with the business I started too mixing them.

So, this blog is about parenting and family. Here you will find advices, tips and tricks and products that I will promote for a better perform with our kids and family.

Of course, not random products, not any product. I will choose the products carefully, I will read about them, I will talk with the producer (when I can do that) and I will take care that product are not against my principles.

Over time you will understand my principles, you will agree or disagree. In fact, it’s important to be supportive and kind. If I go wrong with something please tell me but do it in a civilized way. We are all parents, we all go wrong sometimes but we are humans every time.

So, that being said, I wish that we will have a long relationship, me helping you, you helping me and us helping our children.

Let’s go to “Family” in the right way.