Alex Porter

Person in Seattle, Washington, USA

Alex Porter

Person in Seattle, Washington, USA

🌲 Seattleite

I’m lucky to have called Seattle home for more than two decades since I moved here in 2001 to attend the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

I have spent my time here exploring Seattle’s restaurants, bars, shops, lakes, beaches, roads and trails and making friends with so many great people who call this place home.

Having moved from Connecticut to Oregon in 1997 for high school in the charming Cottage Grove, I have been fortunate to spend most of my life in a region surrounded by mountains, trees, water and seemingly infinite natural beauty.

I love exploring all of Cascadia’s small towns, shopping, dining, wine tasting, tubing the rivers, going on day hikes, and especially waking up on top of mountains on a backpacking or off-roading trip.

I've seen the region’s highs and lows and I'm here for its continued growth. The more I learn about this region's story, people and plans, the more I love it!

I love to share its fun secrets and show it off to others.

🚉 Futurist

As a city dweller, I want to see our cities be attractive places to visit and live. I want it to be easy, safe, and fast to navigate from place to place. I want everyone to love the time they spend in cities.

From roads, bike lanes, bridges, tunnels, and trains, to stadiums and buildings, I'm deeply interested in how our physical infrastructure can improve the lives of people everywhere.

I'm a huge advocate for public works that thoughtfully re-invent our public right of ways. I'm conscious of the cost of public projects and think we can find equitable ways to fund them so that everyone’s goals can be met.

🤖 Technologist

First as a hobby and then as a career, I have spent my life organizing data online and building websites and apps to manage and present information efficiently.

In my last role was VP of product development at a publicly traded advertising company, my team designed and built a build a modern, scalable, data platform in the cloud from scratch. We integrated several legacy systems with it to provide data in real time and then built apps for employees and customers to improve their experiences with the company. We changed a lot in five years.

Today, I'm focused on making that possible for everyone and everything.

  • Work
    • Working on some magic ✨
  • Education
    • Foster School of Business
    • University of Washington
    • Cottage Grove High School
    • Independent Day School