Annie Tam

...HAVE NO MEANING." - Benjamin Franklin

In the background is a picture that I have drawn to represent the values that I hold onto highest. It centers on a tree that has countless branches growing outwards. This tree represents my desire to grow not only in knowledge but also personally. The numerous branches can be correlated to my constant search for opportunities to learn and my openness to the innumerable experiences in the world. Agreeing with Benjamin Franklin's quote above, I highly value continuous growth because the globe is so rich in diversity that we cannot limit ourselves to what we know. Exposure to others that are different and open-mindedness to learning something new are ways in which I continually grow. As an example, I am currently studying abroad in Hong Kong for a semester to be in a new cultural setting to learn another way of life and to grow personally, finding out what I truly want to do and who I want to be. Being born and raised in the U.S., I have been limited to seeing one perspective of things- the American way. Being here, I have met an incredibly diverse group of people from all over the world and realized how truly little I do know. This experience has only fueled my desire for continually growth. At school back in the U.S., I take on multiple activities from having started my own Entrepreneurial Society to playing Intramural Volleyball and from interning at a film marketing firm to joining the student government. I feel that through every experience is an educational opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of. Like the tree with innumerable branches, I am constantly reaching out for opportunities and in search of growth.

However, even in the midst of the many activities that I take on, I also value balance as represented by the scales in the drawing. It is important to always recognize my capabilities and limitations to not completely overexert myself. In this way, I can maintain happiness, which I connect to success. Joy in whatever I do is essential to me and is another value that's represented by the silhouette jumping.

Last, but not least, the image of the tree stands out among the rest of the trees in the background. This represents my value of independence. The one thing I wish in life is to never be dependent on others. I dislike relying upon others as I feel that I am putting a burden on them. Independence is the only way I can achieve my own goals in life.