Apostle Mengoulis

Where I need to be

Normally that's the point where I have a narcissistic burst and write about how cool I am, but that's not the case. The truth is that I'm a regular geek and generally a friendly person with no history in criminal and violent activities (thought I should, in order to get my "bad boy" diploma). I love my job, despite the fact that it consumes most of my time and I'm deeply in love with the rock/metal scene (especially the oldies). I'm a lot into traveling, which is forbidden at this point due to the lack of free time, and getting in touch with lads of all kind from around the globe. I have a dog named Lemmy (yes, he got his name after Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead!), which i adore and currently I work as a Growth Marketer for GrowthRocks. Feel free to catch up with me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (yes, I also have an Instagram and Tumblr Account, but their content may my affect my professional persona in a bad way :P) That's all folks!

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