Lisa Elliott

Lisa Elliott

She was born in Lafoilette Tennessee in the Usa. She has been in ministry for 30 years. Being the founder and CEO Centre of Hope International, God has given her a strong apostolic grace which has enabled her to minister the word of God in power in over ten countries worldwide. She has established over hundred churches, ministries and feeding centers and supported orphanages in countries like Ghana, Dominican Republic and Mexico. She also notably helped in disaster relief during Katrina.

Motivational speaker, Business woman, real estate developer, Apostle Lisa Elliott has impacted a lot of ministries with her Business of Ministry program.

She is a great revivalist who is causing a lot of shift and stirring in the lives of many people all over the world.

She believes in impacting the next generation with the gifting God has given her. This is probably because, she herself has been imparted by great men of God such as God's general C.S Upthegrove for 16 years and Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams(A great Ghanaian Apostle of Strategic Prayer for All Nations) who has trained her for 7 seven years and with whom she is working currently.

She is an Author, a mother, a mentor, a public speaker and a source of motivation for people of all age groups all around the world.