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Apostle Michelle Peterson

Teacher, Writer, and Consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina

Apostle Michelle Peterson

Teacher, Writer, and Consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina

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“The Mantle of Prosperity” (30 Daysof Entering into Covenant Blessings) is written by Overseer andApostle of Freedom Nation Church, Apostle Michelle Peterson. She isalso the Overseer of “ACCESS Retreat” (Intimate Encounters withGod).

Apostle Michelle has been in theministry of deliverance over 10 years. As an Overseer, Mentor, Authorand Trainer, Apostle Michelle is known for helping Christiansexperience intimate encounters with God. She was called by God tohelp Christians reach their highest potential.

Apostle Michelle has helped many and isconsidered to be a pioneer in the ministry of deliverance.

She is called to help Christians walkcloser with God and to hear His voice. She is very passion aboutpreparing a generation (Enoch Generation) who actually walks withGod.

The entire book was given to ApostleMichelle by the Lord God.

He shared two covenants with her, thatHe desires to enter into with His people.

These two covenants are:

The Covenant of Blessings

The Covenant of Prosperity

Excerpt from The Mantle ofProsperity:

“TheLord spoke to me and said, We do not automatically enter into acovenant with Him.

Before wecan enter into a covenant with Him, we have to know all therequirements of the covenant and then we have to agree with therequirements.

ManyChristians assume they have these covenants with God already, but howcan you enter into a covenant if you don't know the list of thingsGod requires of you?

Howcan you agree with the requirements if you don't know what they are?

Do you knowthe list of requirements?

You canonly enter covenants after you agree to the obligations.

You have toagree to do your part in the covenant, and God agrees to His part.

Incovenants, the two parties have a list of things they expect to bedone.

You mustread over the list to see if you agree with everything on the list.”

In “The Mantle of Prosperity” thereis a detailed list of requirements from the Lord, for these twocovenants. For those who desire to enter into these covenants, thereare two agreements and a covenant certificate to print out.

The Mantle of Prosperity also has a 30Day planner to help the readers to apply each covenant requirement totheir daily lives.

The Mantle of Prosperity is availablefor purchase on Amazon(


For more information about the Book, or to scheduleAuthor interviews or media appearances, or contact Apostle Michell

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