Apostle Pinky (PastorCD Pinkerton)

Ohio Valley area of KY, OH and WV

CD Pinkerton, known to friends and loved ones as Pinky, is a gifted speaker, writer, teacher published author and musician who uses his gifts to advance the Kingdom of God. He is a champion of the Kingdom Culture revivalist outpouring that began before the turn of the current millennium.
Pinky came to the Lord during the Jesus People movement of the 1970s. This movement was revivalist and restorative, in nature, function, and operation; as the intent was to move away from the teachings of man and denominationalism; and to return to the teachings of the Bible. He was heavily influenced by Leonard Ravenhill, among others, and felt a calling on his life to help Christians turn away from division and denominationalism, and return to the teachings of Jesus and the early church.
He helped establish several small groups and pockets of believers throughout the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. They focused on continuing the ministry of Christ by showing the love of God through signs, miracles and wonders; and saw people come to the Lord through the goodness, mercy and kindness of God. He was a founding member of the Christian rock band Shiloh, published the Christian newsletter of the same name, and worked with JPUSA of Chicago and Keith Green’s Last Days Ministries.

Pinky has always had an apostolic calling on his life. His wife Lissa has always operated in the prophetic from the time she was a small child. As there was never talk of restoration of the fivefold ministry in either of their backgrounds; neither completely understood their full calling. Once the Lord put them together as a team, and after many prophetic words had been spoken over them from several different ministries, they began to realize their potential and full calling from the Lord, and have become a powerful force in Kingdom Ministry.