Apostle / Prophet Norman

Wilson's Mills NC

Apostle /Prophet Leonard Norman was born August 4, 1969 to David and Elsie Tukes in North Carolina. At the age of thirteen Leonard beagn drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and cigarettes which led to being addicted to cocaine at the age of fifteen. For the next eleven years of his life he found himself in and out of jail and prison because of his addiction. But in August of 1996 Leonard had an encounter with Jesus Christ and God delivered him from every addiction he had that night by him simply surrendering his will over to God's Will for his life and has not looked back. God immediately began to deal with him in the Word of God where he would spend countless hours every day in the Word and prayer. While in prayer in his room as he layed before God the Holy Ghost came down upon him and he went from praying in the natural to praying in the Spirit and he was filled with the Holy Ghost that day with evidence. He preached his first sermon in March of 1998. He had the privilege of sitting under the ministry of Pastor/Prophetess Connie Hall of Chief Cornerstone Ministry in Goldsboro where he was ordained Elder. The Lord begin using Apostle Norman in the prophetic anointing with signs and wonders following. In 2004 Apostle Norman was consecrated into the office of Prophet by Apostle/Prophet Steve Smith. God begin to use Apostle Norman greatly in the prophetic. In 2008 Prophet Norman was consecrated into the office of Apostle by Chief Apostle Leroy Hargett of Life Changers Ministry. Apostle Norman is currently in school receiving his Associate's Degree in business.