Janine Arnold-Burthe

In November 2012 I graduated from The University of Kent, where I achieved a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion and Textiles. I achieved this while fulfilling my role as a mother of two children. This required strict time management, organisation, determination and adaptability.

Since accomplishing this goal I am looking forward to improving and developing myself in other areas. I am always striving to learn and increase my knowledge and abilities. I am creative and intuitive, a great listener and empathetic towards others. Always seeking a new challenge I relish the thought of finding the right environment to grow and utilise my skills.

From September 2012 to July 2013, I volunteered at The Folkestone Academy in an Art based extension lesson. During this time I provided support to the teacher and assisted pupils with inspiration and technical knowledge, while ensuring a safe and secure working environment.

The experience was immensely rewarding and enjoyable. Throughout my time in the classroom, I experienced a variety of demanding scenarios involving challenging and sometimes confrontational behaviour from pupils, which I learnt to handle effectively. This participation made me value the differing personalities of the pupils I came into contact with and to also empathise with their personal situations.

I have experienced many customer service roles including fashion retail, tele-sales, widows benefit, child benefit and retirement benefit. All of which provided me with a wealth of experience that allowed me to continually challenge myself.

I am passionate about environmental issues and am very conscious of where food, clothes and western commodities come from. Where possible I endeavor to lessen any suffering caused by industry through my personal consumer choices. While sourcing materials during my Fashion and Textiles degree, I spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that where possible the materials I used were fair trade and organic.

As an animal lover I chose many years ago to become a vegetarian. Our family have four beautiful rescued animals two rabbits named Hedgehog and Weasel and two recued cats, Bob and Rudi.

Whenever possible I love to read, usually when all has finally gone quiet at night! And would love to continue trail running, although it is only in my head at the moment. :)