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Agicent App Company, is one of the top App development companies in India. Agicent has top class App creators, designers, and architects and we develop highly polished apps that users love to use.

We've created 300 apps till date, served 120 customers, and we love working with startups and entrepreneurs.

Our Mobile App Development Company turns your ideas into great mobile apps for iOS and android and also games. Hire us, and we do the rest.

PS:- use this mobile App cost calculator also to know how much does it cost to create an app.

Following are our major services offerings:-

1. Mobile App Development Services

Developing apps using native or cross platform technologies for iOS, android, windows mobile platforms.

2. iPhone App Development services

Creating apps for iPhone devices running iOS software by using native technologies set like Swift 3, objective C with Xcode, or by using cross platform frameworks like ionic, phonegap, xamarin, unity

3. Android App development services

Agicent creates android apps using native technology set of java and android studio, and also using cross platform tools like cordova, ionic.

4. Game development services

We create awesome games using Unity 3D engine wth C#, or by using unreal engine with C++. Also do iOS specific game development using cocos.

5. Web development services

We do both front-end programming and backend programming for web apps and sites. We use technologies like angular JS, JS, bootsrap, html, css, jquery for front end while php, mysql, laravel for backend.

6. Rapid MVP development

We create quick minimum viable product in reasonable cost and in time as low as 2 weeks for both web and mobile apps.

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