App Aficionados

Houston, TX

The Houston App Aficionados Meetup was started to get people who are passionate about apps together in the same place at the same time. While Houston has a vibrant community of app developers & designers, a void existed for those who may not be interested in programming but still love learning about cutting edge software on mobile devices.

Each month, the Houston App Aficionados Meetup will highlight the most creative and useful apps in areas such as music creation, entrepreneurship, journalism, fitness, education, and photography. We'll have experts in each field speaking about the apps they use in their daily lives. We'll also talk about the most meaningful trends in the app space, and end each month with an app scavenger hunt for the following month's meeting.

If you're passionate about mobile, gadgets, and using technology to make your life better, you'll find kindred spirits at the Houston App Aficionados Meetup!