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AppBucket: “app solutions for android planet”.

AppBucket is the platform for all the smartphone user’s to install important must have apps, games, live wallpapers. We have all kind of specialized software stores for smartphones and other mobile devices. Our store, AppBucket Market, is a collection of thousands of mobile phone applications and games, with more exciting, practical, and unique applications added everyday.

We currently offer users the AppBucket Market for client software downloads with our online AppBucket store, various kind of major applications, and currently we are working on the entire AppBucket distribution platform. We are working for the publication platform as well that will help android and smartphone developers to upload and publish their applications in AppBucket Market. This platform (DevBucket) will be available soon.

Our team of professional editors is dedicated to providing users with a convenient, reliable, and rewarding experience throughout their use of AppBucket download services.

AppBucket intends to become the world’s most popular platform for smartphone application downloads and distribution. We have carefully designed our website and application to support app developers and soon to facilitate app publishing environment.

AppBucket welcomes all qualified developers from to submit applications for distribution through our platform until we provide publishing environment you can mail us your app/game on . We play to the strengths of our developers and focus on cooperating towards a shared success!

At AppBucket, we are actively dedicated to improving user experience through the continual optimization of our client, WEB sites and application. We seek to provide our users with a platform that offers a progressively more convenient, fast, and efficient means of acquiring the best apps for their lives, through free download.

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