Rex Nye

2013 is going to be a big year for mobile applications development. 2012 was all about Android VS iOS, but come 2013 we have a four way brawl at our hands with Blackberry and Windows 8 coming out to fight and if anything, having four options instead of two in high end smart phones is exactly what we need.

In other news, facebook app developers have decided to go all the way with the development and create masterpieces for facebook. World's biggest social network has the best facebook app developers and games like Sim city in Facebook only goes to show how much an industry spectrum can shift with user demand.

iPad apps development on the other hand has entered a new phase of confusion with the Mini iPad. Android developers tackled this problems years back when they first had the Android tablets to work with in all sizes and shapes but iPad apps development has always been about the big screen and porting everything to work flawlessly in a smaller screen is actually a tiring job the developers.

Mobile apps developers have come together to show great support for Blackberry, skyrocketing their stock from 3% to 17% in a matter of months, showing great interest and desire in the upcoming offering from Blackberry and why not, mobile apps have been itching to get their hands on the new and improved Blackberry without the suit and the tie.

Whatever the case is, development in any mobile sector did not see much change or revolution and 2012 was more focused on hardware than software. From the 5" phones to 7" iPads, this has been a big year for Samsung and Apple, not to mention the legal warfare and subsequent changes, but in the end the technology both these companies have produced is phenomenal.