Patrick Appel

For more than seven years, I served as Andrew Sullivan’s right-hand man at the Dish, one of the Internet’s longest running, inventive, and prolific blogs. I worked as an Intern, then as a Research Assistant, next as an Executive Editor, and lastly as a Co-Owner. I didn’t simply climb the ladder; I built it as I went. With my help, we grew the Dish from a two-person team into a ten-person one.

Over my years at the Dish, I almost certainly read more than a million blog posts. That’s because my primary job was reading and editing the entire Internet every day. This began as a brute force operation but evolved into an elaborate, multi-faceted system of my own invention. And, beyond reading, I wrote as many as 15 posts a day, edited others’ work, managed the junior staff, edited the occasional long-form article, and ran the business-side of our company.

In addition to my editorial and management skills, my experience running the business-side of the Dish could prove highly valuable to the right company. We did the nearly impossible and created an independent reader-supported media company with huge profit margins. Parts of our economic model can and should be applied elsewhere at a grander scale. The same is true of our editorial model.

I’m currently searching for a place where I can apply all of the skills I have mastered at the Dish. If you think your company might be that place, please feel free to contact me at