Apple Kilgour

Phuket, Thailand

Apple Kilgour is a former TV producer who loves buying, cooking, baking and most of all eating (a lot!) of good food. A Filipina living in Phuket, Thailand, she wears many hats as a wife, fur parent, home baker, entrepreneur, and blogger. She lives with her husband Scott and their 2 adopted Thai dogs, Boo and Manny.

She started a food blog Apple's Kitchen so she can chronicle her family recipes and culinary adventure. Not content with her online food journal and encouraged by her friends and family who tested her dishes, she puts up this new venture of on-line food delivery service. was her next project. A medium to channel her inner food critic/gastronomist and practice her former profession as a lifestyle journalist. PhukEAT is a restaurant review guide for Phuket, Thailand. is her personal blog.

  • Work
    • Web Content Writer, Homebaker