Student in Qatar

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☆ sup im lulu, im 15 years old and i live in qatar

☆ im a cis female so pronouns are she/her

☆ im indonesian and i can speak bahasa indonesian but id rather speak in english lol

☆ some fun stuff about me: aries, istp, team mystic, lawful/neutral good

☆ please read any byf's or else u will get the Blocc™

☆ im mentally ill; i have avpd & social anxiety (self dx)

☆ if (u think) u know me irl, please ask before u follow and i will decide if u get the Blocc™ or not

☆ my current interests fluctuate but im currently into haikyuu!!, love live!, and boku no hero academia

☆ that being said, i have an anime list which contain some animes i like!! pls talk to me abt the ones w a score of 7 or above ^^

☆ heres my thiscrush!! just in case if u wanna leave a message or something ;))

☆ my personal twitter is here