Tech Consultancy in Panjim, India


Tech Consultancy in Panjim, India

We work on following technologies:

* Backend skills
Java/ NodeJS/ Php / Ruby on Rails/ Python

* Front-end skills
Javascript with ReactJS/ AngularJS/ VueJS/ Web Components/ VanillaJS/ jQuery,HTML5 /CSS3

* Infrastructure Skills
Google Cloud Engine,AWS Cloud Services,Serverless computing,AWS Lambdas,Elastic Beanstalk/ Heroku/ Azure

* Mobile App Development Skills
Native Android development and iOS development,React-native based iOS/Android app development, phonegap / Cordova based development

* Other Apps
Beacons related programming,Physical Web solutions,Location based solutions,RFC based communication Apps,WebRTC Apps

* DevOps & Processes

Agile methodologies, Scrum, DevOps for Infrastructure management, Docker, Docker-compose usage, Continuous Integration, Automated Build Tools, Test Driven Development

* Testing Needs(via ToolsQA)
Automated Testing,Mobile App Testing ,Website, Automated Testing Suites

* Digital Marketing(via Piper's Mint)
Running Digital marketing campaigns on all possible mediums and getting trackable results

* Corporate Training Needs (via ProKriya & ToolsQA)
Automated Testing,ReactJS & Flux :: Beginner to Intermediate,NodeJS :: Beginner to Intermediate,Java :: Beginner to Intermediate,RoR :: Beginner,Big Data with Cassandra :: Beginner to Intermediate,AWS :: The Awesome SaaS,Web Components & Dom v/s Virtual-Dom :: Beginner to Intermediate,AngularJS - 1 and 2 and 4 :: State of affairs,Javascript :: The Power and `Full Stack Developer` with an edge

P.S. :: The sessions refer every now and then to curated online (from Udemy, Coursera, Youtube sessions etc.) content and are structured in a manner easy to be consumed and used. Delivery medium is ideally classroom based, but even webinars are workable, if feasible as per subject matter.

We have a strong portfolio and many of our apps are live on different platforms

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