Scott Mori

Vegetarian in New Orleans, Louisiana... how uncommon.

I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana all my life. Last year, I befriended Alex M., the person I thought of as "That dull German dude", over Facebook. Alex and I might be best friends, but we do have some differences. He loves anime, but I absolutely despise it. Deadmau5 is a piece of s*** in his point of view, but he is my favorite music artist.

In the Fall of 2010, I realized during Thanksgiving, how all of the animals we eat today not only hurt them, but it also hurts the environment. Therefore I chose to become vegetarian, but I'm not able to convert to a vegan. Shortly after those events, I stumbled upon my best friend's YouTube account and Holy Mackerel Productions, his company.

Alex and I started to work on designing a Facebook page, and I really got into HTML quickly. He grew jealous of me having control over all the HTML, so he tried to learn from me. All he did is end up copying and pasting my codes, saying that he did it all without my help.

On February of 2011, the iPhone 4 came to Verizon, so I bought it and have been using it instead of my other camera. I actually took that picture in the background with my iPhone on a camping trip in Mississippi.


My favorites:

TV Shows: Family Guy (I keep my TV stuck on CNN though)

Movies: The Simpsons Movie and Blackhawk Down

Song: Ghosts n Stuff by deadmau5

Video Games: Little Big Planet 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV.

Drink: Raspberry Iced Tea

Food: Tofu

Book: Harry Potter Series

Color: Purple

"Too much talking, not enough action!" -My math teacher