Apps Advice

The idea of writing about the fun apps for the iPad emerged recently. Simply there is a category of applications from the series: looked, appreciated, but closed. And sometimes you sit with friends in a cafe while waiting for food - to get iPad and show it. In this review, I have collected some cool programs are either free or cost a buck. I hope they inspire you smile or simply delight.

I liked the one that costs $ 0.99 - Fire HD. The program consists of a few built-in video program. Turn off the lights and turning on the iPad with this program you can feel the comfort of home is almost like a real fire before. Yes, the addition of heat that gives a real fire we do not get, but still this is something there ... The program can be selected accompaniment melody from the library. There are several built-in classics. There are also three different types of fireplaces, candles (for a romantic dinner - what you need), and even fireworks. Recently appeared in the App Store free application Yumm many brain just blew my idea. You need to poke a finger in the mouth ... not to say that the sweet substance. Then you need to have time to pull out your finger before you bite it (and if you bite - will not hurt, but very bloody!). Cool free application Fluid is recommended me to install all lovers of the word "Wow" because he wants to say, despite the fact that I long to play with Pocket Pond. The whole essence of this cool application is reduced to demonstrate the effect of the water when you touch the screen. On the background you can put a picture of the bottom and play again. Unfortunately, the screenshot will not give that effect, therefore it is recommended to download and indulge yourself. Who came up with the bright idea to make such an application? A rhetorical question ... However, we have free iPad app that will plunge into the life of the barn to milk a cow and personally for a while. In the screenshot below still very decent option (a different option three). What is striking in Milk the Cow there is a rating of players in Game Center and leaders get there oh how difficult. If you forget to bake a cake for his birthday, do not worry. There is in fact a good saying about it: partying, where it came to the cake - failed. It is quite another thing - cake on iPad: You can light a candle and make a wish to offer birthday. Here, now you can blow out the candles (blow stronger).