Appsolution Mobi

Moscow, Russia

Appsolution company was founded in May, 2011. It deals with software development, including mobile applications, which can be used by companies and individuals. Appsolution is an authorized developer of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG etc., as well as Oracle gold partner.

The company operates both in the domestic and global market. Its offices are located in Russia and in the USA. The company's staff includes several dozens of high-class professionals.

The company is guided by the following principles in its work: improving the world, making new technologies more available; the company's products must bring positive results, making life easier for those who need help; the products of Appsolution evoke optimism; the company's activities must be meaningful.

The main directions of technological development are the following: recognition of voice and and transformation of voice to text, video identification or voice identification, voice and gestures control, Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, development of mobile applications for both business and private users, including games. The company produces more than a dozen applications annually.

The best known products of the company: a system of recognition and identification of objects reVISOR, a system of radio frequency identification of objects iTEM, a system of mobile inquiries and tests inFORM, a platform for arrangement of interaction with customers SmartCOM, application that allows dictating short messages (SMS), Hands free SMS, electronic ABC books for learning English, etc.