Aprajita Jain

I thrive on people! No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t replace nutritious meals with people, it’s just that I love meeting, talking to, hanging out with, annoying, liking, and sometimes even loving people. Through this blog I hope to meet like-minded people I have never met before (old friends and family are always welcome too!) and it’s always good manners to introduce yourself to people if you want them to do the same. So here I go:

My friends would describe me as…No! Stop! If you ever read any introduction that begins like this immediately stop reading ‘coz if you wanted to hear about me from my friends you’d ask them and not me. As a somewhat grown up person I should be able to tell you about myself in my very own words with my very own opinion about my vices and virtues.

Let’s do this again: I am Aprajita. A girl caught between cultures but never regretful about it. American by birth, German by ‘upbringing’ and education but desi at he core. I can shop like an American, I can be punctual like a German and I can be filmy like a desi. But more than any of this my feet are firmly grounded on planet earth, I have an overly developed sense of fairness, I prefer the black and white over the various shades of grey (no pun intended!), I have a fear of being alone, I get excited very easily and I get bored very easily too. Patience levels gravitate towards zero most of the time.

Life has taught me a lesson or two and I still try to learn from them. My family (my mom who gave me courage, my dad who will not stop worrying about me 24/7, an incredibly caring sister and an overachiever-types brother) have saved my soul and will hopefully continue doing so, but at the same time I am the independent bird that’s ok with straying from the flock once in a while.

I may not always notice the Prada bag you carried to the party last night but I will notice if you were wearing a smile or not. Doesn’t mean I am the worldly goods renouncing, linen clothes wearing Buddha. I do have a soft corner for nice cars and pretty jewelry but they don’t define me, nor do they make you look any prettier if you lack a healthy smile and a genuine heart.

I make my bread and butter by helping big brands figure out the ins and outs of the digital advertising world. I am not really saving lives here, nor am I am adding any intellectual capital to the well-being of humankind but as I said this helps me with the bread and butter, lots of chocolate a