Alan Predolin

Los Angeles

Alan Predolin was born in Italy on March 1st 1972.

His martial arts training started at age 7, when a family friend took him to a Karate Dojo in Vicenza, Italy.

The training took a different direction when Alan started traveling to the US in 1989 . Jeet kune Do was growing in popularity and self defense movements were becoming more prevalent. He had the chance to train with Dan Inosanto and other great martial artists that would then impact his view of Reality Based Training. As a young teenager he decided to become a part of the New York chapter of the Guardian Angels, a non profit group dedicated to reclaiming New York areas under the control of gangs and drug dealers. Patrolling areas like Hell’s Kitchen and the South Bronx without any weapons was a very eye opening experience as a young martial artist.

At age 21 he joined the Italian Army and was assigned to a special unit of the Airborne. While serving, he deployed to Somalia and Southern Italy, in support of the anti Mafia effort. Coming back from Somalia, his unit was sent to Israel for 2 weeks where he had his first exposure to Krav Maga.

In 1996 he moved to the US and joined the US Army 82nd Airborne, where he attended the Close Combat Instructor Course at the JFK Special Operations School in Ft. Bragg NC. Alan and his training partners were the first 2 soldiers to start an official Hand to Hand training program for the Division.

At the end of 1999 he got out of active duty and moved to New York City, where he started training full time with Krav Maga Instructor Rhon Mitzrachi. In 2001 he attended the Krav Maga Instructor course under Haim Zut, one of the founder’s original students. January 1st 2003 Alan and his wife Jenn moved to Los Angeles and he started teaching at the Krav Maga Worldwide National Training Center. This experience proved to be great, not only because it made him understand how Krav Maga was promoted in different areas of the country, but also exposed him more to the business side of owning a school.

July 2003, while still teaching with Krav Maga Worldwide, he started a small class, renting a room in a dance studio in Long Beach, CA. That December, with about 40 students, he opened his 1st location.

In 2006, in order to maintain the training connection with Israel, Alan contacted Eyal Yanilov, Chief Instructor for the International Krav Maga Federation. Eyal was the successor to Imi, founder of Krav Maga, and was also the teacher of

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