Hair Stylist in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I'm Apria Bree, I'm 28 years old, have plenty of tattoos and piercing, I like to dye my hair in different colours

- I like all things cute and fuffly

- Love cats and some dogs xD

- I have an obssesion with bag, i can never have too many

- Love to buy accesories

- love things with skulls, hearts, stars, studs and spikes

- My fav tv show is Game of thrones

- My fav video game is Mario Bros. 3

- My fav movies are "Where the wild things are", "Casablanca", "Tonari no Totoro", "Velvet goldmine", "the godfather 1"

- My fav. artist is Morrissey, Placebo, Miranda!, i listen to techno and industrial music too, love the music from the 50's

aaaand that's pretty much it ._.

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    • freelance ilustrator and photographer