sophio apridonidze

Sophio Was Born In Georgia,Qutaisi On A March 31th.Her father Roini Apridonidze Is From Village Odilauri and is one of 3 siblings.

Her mother is Nana Kinwurashvili and is from Qutaisi and one of 3 siblings

Her Parents Met In City Qutaisi And quickly fell in love.

She Has Dreams Which is related to be Famous Model.Singer,artist.She Knows Everything.She will do everything to achieve that goal.Her Favourite Singer Is Justin Bieber.She Wanna Sing With Bieber.

Her Favourite Artist Is Hilary Duff

Favourite Colour is Purple,Pink And light Colours

Her Favourite Model Is Chanel Celaya And Barbara palvin

She Wants Be Famous ,Wants Has Fan Wich Will Love And Support Her

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Twitter: @sapridonidze

Facebook: sophio apridonidze

skype: selena8227

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