April House

San Diego, California

Why Clean Underpants? I am at a point in my life of integrating my past and my present in order to have harmony with both in the future. I struggled with my past ignoring it, giving it center stage...now, I let it be. Without pushing, without pulling, just be. This is not a blog about how I got over my past but simply about living each day reconciling all of parts of who I am and what makes me, me. Everyday my mother bathed me, and everytime she finished she would always say, "make sure you have clean underpants!" Could it be that life really is that simple? I've spent my life searching for something deeper when it really boils down to, "eat your vegetables", "be kind to others", "get a good nights sleep", "floss", "play outside"?

I am many things, of those I am most proud of are being a wife, mother. Student, employee, nurse, pretend Iron Chef, avid reader and roadtripper also describe me.