April Lloyd

San Diego, CA

Hello friends! I like to take this opportunity to introduce myself so you will get to know me as your friend, guide, and healer. My name is April, my healing work started a long time ago when I was only a child. I knew it was a gift as I discovered it by accident. As a child, friends and family always came to me whenever they felt sick and somehow I knew how to “read” their body and their energy in order to guide them back to health again. After graduating from Baltimore School of Massage and Holistic Healing, I found a greater connection to my inner self as my intuition begin to guide me to an even deeper level.

It has been more than 20 years, my journey as a certified massage therapist is always expanding and improving as I allow myself greater access to Divine Love. I have used deep tissue massages, myo-fascial release, reflexology, sports massage, infant pregnancy massage, chakra balancing, cranio-sacral therapy, pressure point therapy, angel guided healing, healing touch, and advice prayer support to help thousands of people. From my work at hospice I gained a deeper understanding of True Healing through Acceptance, Love, and Compassion. I have witnessed countless miracles not done by me, but was worked through me during body work sessions. Nowadays I travel between Hilo Hawaii and San Diego to bring my healing work to you.

Change is always happening, life brings change, change brings life. Each of our chakra system carries the stories of life. We are in the world but we are much more than that. Sometimes we forget our true divine nature and disconnect from the source of healing. It is my path to help you unwind you body, mind, and heart from physical/emotional suffering, and it is my passion to bring a deep sense of joy through your inner stillness – the place of true healing.

You are the stillness beneath the movement and the silence beneath the sounds.

Love, April - tendertouch66@gmail.com (760) 583-6405

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