April Wright

My name is April Wright, as the exessively large text above this considerably smaller text states quite clearly.

I am ninteen years old.

I have yet to do anything of much interest.

I'm a Christian, yet admittedly, not a very good one. I draw, (I suppose I consider myself an artist to some degree) I'm arguably handy with technical issues, (which is probably a good thing, considering my major is in computer science) and I've been rather fond of music and that sort of thing for quite some time. I play a few instruments, but to think I'm any good at them would a gross, narcisststic delusion that even I'm incapable of having.

I enjoy films: particularly, horror films - when it suits me.

Possibly the last things worth mentioning are that I'm a writer who dislikes writing and my favorite color is a yellowey-orange, similar to the one displayed in the distracting text prior to all of this.

That might or might not have been worth mentioning, but I've found that colors are somewhat important and at least worth thinking about from time to time.