April Ruiz

Lacey, Washington

I am a modern Texan Geek with tradional hispanic values on the journey called life. So far that has lead me to the South Sound area in the Pacific Northwest.

I love to live my life to the fullest and excel in everything I do. It has been a long rocky journey to adulthood but today I have wonderful people in my life.

I am a musician to the core, always have been always will be. I can play euphonium and trombone. My Texas high school marching band experience has a special place in my heart. Just as much as my experience marching with the Blue Knights in 2008. Drum Corps was a huge test and trimuph for me and I will never forget that experience.

I live with 5 guys [two of which had furry little feets] and one other girl [who also has furry little feet]. I enjoy spending my down time spending time with my menacing puppy, playing video games with my roommates, studying for CompTIA certifications, and in general learning how to be an awesome well rounded female geek.

Living in the South Sound has tought me one thing... I am like a zoo lion now, I will never survive going back to the dry desert summer heat. I guess I am just gonna have to stay here. Oh, shoot...

  • Work
    • Best Buy
  • Education
    • University of Texas at El Paso