april akins


What can I say about myself? I am a writer. I possess words to describe life and the world I find myself inhabiting but to describe myself is difficult. I am a little bit of good, a good bit of bad and the stuff in between I hope is of some use to the people around me. I lean heavily upon the forgiveness of my God and lightly upon man's ever changing demands. Nature is my refuge and it is our responsibility to care for. This spoken by me, the child raised by a closet hippie married to her complete opposite. As for formal education, I still need to finish my Liberal Arts degree, as it was placed behind children, divorce, job and a few other life's traumas. I draw when I am moved by a sight or object that captivates me. I cook when I am happy, sleep when I am sad. I love the simple things because the simple things cannot be stolen. I believe in true love, yet I have never experienced it. And in that simple fact, no matter what I do in this life, it isn't worth a damn without love.