April Francis

Northampton MA

I am a WordPress Development and Search Marketing Specialist in Northampton MA. I have always been a creative type from writing poetry and music to styling my wardrobe and home decorating. My style tends to be very minimalist and with a very zen type influence. My other skills include: jQuery Development PHP Static HTML CSS3 HTML5 Dreamweaver Photoshop Logo Design and Branding Social Media Marketing iFrame FaceBook Landing Pages and probably a bunch more I am not thinking of! The web is my life and I take time everyday to read and stay on top of cutting edge web technologies and changing standards for the web. I also am available as a consultant. Many of my clients have found it very valuable to sit with me in order to solidify and strategically get in place their initial creative business ideas.

  • Work
    • Web Designer and Developer
  • Education
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Psychology
    • Sociology