April D. Byrd

Welcome to officially getting to know more about me. I am a Writer, creatress,...and I like to stay busy. I "used to be" to be an orphan, but not anymore because I found out God is my original father anyway, so as long as I breathe life daily, I have a purpose.

However, I am one of the colored girls who considered suicide, until I actually saw the rainbow... and it's a promise I can't live without. I love life now, and social networking on and offline.When I started Facebook I was hooked, being a Byrd tweeting came easy, and Pinterest sparked my interest. Now I'm all Linked in.

I do freelance work sometimes, and help people with their business writing and PR needs, still creativity is my true passion, but even though I'm multi-talented and uniquely blessed, there are some things I just won't do for a fiverr.

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