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hey! i'm guessing you're probably here because of my spam account, @ludgate.april. so here's a little about me!!

- i'm an infp, a ravenclaw, and an aquarius

- mutuals can ask for my age, but please know i'm a minor!

- some of my interests include: harry potter, star wars, percy jackson, lots of other books, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, other bands along those genre lines, ava's demon, gravity falls, nature, music, and animals!

- i play the ukulele, cello, and piano, and i love those instruments vv much!

TAGS: ask for doubletags, and feel free to follow if you won't feel invalid!

IDs: 200% me!

april ludgate [parks and rec]

april is my main id. i love her vvv much, so please only ask for doubletags if we're close. thanks you!!

MAINS: still me, only a teeny bit less.

poe dameron [star wars]

shawn spencer [psych]


wendy corduroy [gravity falls]

annabeth chase [pjo]

isaac lahey [teen wolf]

luna lovegood [harry potter]


- you're hate following/ stalking

- you dislike any of my friends

- you post rape/ gore/ frequent nsfw stuff/ anything along those lines

- you're over 16 or under 12

THAT'S IT! once you've finished reading this, please dm me a picture of your favorite meme, or the caption, "plants with pants!"