April Gray

I've set up this about.me page to share nothing about myself, but everything about.them. I am currently one of 1,000 joining The Adventure Project in an amazing campaign. By partnering with Kickstart, a social enterprise that markets affordable irrigation pumps to rural farmers in Africa, The Adventure Project is about show everyone that poor farmers are not a problem to be solved, rather the solution.

Many farmers have no choice but to watch as their crops die without rain. With a Kickstart pump, the farmers can continually harvest year-round. And get this - 1 pump can increase a farmer's yield by 1000%! That's right - 1000%! This allows the farmers to not only feed their families, but also have a surplus of their crops to sell. With the income, they will be able to send their children to school and end the vicious cycle of proverty.

So will you join us in this next adventure? Donate your about.me page and tell everyone about how farmers are the solution.