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April Harding

Washington DC

Versa is a media technology company founded on a deep belief in a thriving press and an informed, engaged public.

Our Featured Perspectives product combines the best aspects of earned, paid, and social media to form the center of an ad network for ideas. It's the only technology-driven platform that gives leading organizations, executives, thought leaders and advocates the ability to attach commentary directly to a developing news story, generating premium revenue for publishers and giving readers access to high-quality opinion alongside the news in real time. A “win-win-win,” as Fast Company calls it.

Versa was founded in 2011 (originally as ElectNext), has been covered in publications from TechCrunch to the New York Times, has won numerous awards including the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 Startup Showcase and VentureBeat “DemoGod,” and has raised over $2 million in venture capital from Omidyar Network, the Knight Foundation, Comcast Ventures, Digital News Ventures, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and Quotidian Ventures, among others.