April Lynn @AprilinProgress

Social Media Manager in the United States

April Lynn @AprilinProgress

Social Media Manager in the United States

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Foundation:"Communication is core to ALL Business, how we convey to Connect is crucial to Success." -April Lynn

Point of view:"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else." - Winston Churchill

Interests: People, Communications, Social Impact, Media, Arts, Science, and Technology Evolution.(The intersection of social psychology in each intrigue me. Prior studies, as well as, experience, affords broader connection to strengthen application of marketing dynamics.)

Passion: Civic and Social Organizations.

Philanthropy:1ActionCan™ Founder.Founding Principle:"Life will be unfair at times, but what we make of ourselves through it can leave a legacy to build from or to overcome."-April Lynn

Pro Bono Aid: POW/MIA flag Guard

Value: Diverse community, cordial conversation, and constructive discussion.

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