April Gillespie

Bookings, Consulting, Speaking: (312) 520-0715, thegreataprilgillespie@gmail.com

I am a woman of deep spiritual passion and a zest for all things of love, beauty and purpose. My number one goal in life is to realize my full God-given potential and to help others to do the same. We all have talents, gifts and unique skills but they are rarely exploited to progress the world. I seek to change that in the hearts and minds of men and women daily by accepting God's gift of wisdom, truth and unconditional love. We purchase favor with the currency of wisdom. We realize love through total surrender.

We all have desires but I ultimately turn over my desires to God and allow him to bring into my life those things which I will profit from the most. Through that surrender of my will to His, every mess results in a prophetic message. Every tragedy results into an extreme victory. My business, Starseed Inc., works to help people realize that everything they need is within them right now. They don't really need anything to live their dream lifestyle. We must simply put on a new pair of glasses, see the world through a different lens with a renewed perspective.