April Kate Orendain

Manila Philippines

Hey there. I'm April Kate Orendain. 17 years old. Would be turning 18 this year, so excited. Lol. You'd totally find me like a reserved type of person when you don't know me much. I love fashion because I consider it art, and I love art a lot. I love video games as well don't get deceived. Hahaha. I love singing and dancing secretly though, I'm too shy to let people see my horrible talents. Pfffttt! 😂 I have this weird obsession on eyes so if you really have nice eyes, we're totally bestfriends already! Hahaha. I love writing stories and poems because it's like I can make my own dimension through them. :) Anyway, I'm new to this site so.... I don't know much about the use of this. :)