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April Kirkwood

April Kirkwood

After half of century of loving, losing, and sitting with my pain, I began a study why some people seem to find happily ever after and others don’t. I tried to pinpoint some of the issues to parents. Then I added nature versus nurture not to mention two masters in education. And while that did answer some of my questions, there was much more to the inability to be satisfied in romantic relationships than these theories. So, I looked to spirituality, karma, demographics, history, and more. What I found was a long journey home to the answers I searched for to help me finally arrive to a healthy place in my heart.

The book, What I did for Love; Why my Affair with Frankie Valli Matters, is about my journey and possibly yours.

April Kirkwood fell in love with superstar musician Frankie Valli when just eight years old. Less than a decade later, she lost her virginity to him. Enamored, Kirkwood began an unrealistic and unrealized quest to become the next Mrs. Valli. The one-sided affection opened Kirkwood’s eyes to the lifelong imprinting effects of misplaced love.

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