April Li

Student in San Francisco, California

Hi there, thank you for visiting my page!

Coming from a boutique city in mainland China, I have embarked on my journey around the world since I was 14 years old, first stop—Singapore. My experience Singapore cultivated my immense curiosity towards different culture. I navigated through the multi-layered fabrics of my Asian identity as I travelled around Southeast Asia.

In year 2012, I started my university in the US, setting myself on a mission to bridge the dialogue between the East and the West through the universal language of humanity. I pursued my plan single-mindedly till I dabbled in startups and venture capital through student organizations and internship. I became the President of an entrepreneurial club called ACE@Berkeley and was actively involved in the Berkeley entrepreneurial ecosystem. Deeply drawn to the power of technology and innovation, I combined the original aspiration with the new-found passion.

I'm currently starting my career as a Junior VC in the bay area, working with startups and learning from entrepreneurs. I always strive to bring honest and fresh idea on the table, so contact me to hop on a chat about product, startups and maybe traveling!

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    • WI Harper Group
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    • University of California, Berkeley