April Li

Student in San Francisco, California

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Coming from a boutique city in mainland China, I have embarked on my journey around the world since I was 14 years old, first stop—Singapore. My experience Singapore cultivated my immense curiosity towards different culture. I navigated through the multi-layered fabrics of my Asian identity as I travelled around Southeast Asia.

In year 2012, I started my university in the US, setting myself on a mission to bridge the dialogue between the East and the West through the universal language of humanity. I pursued my plan single-mindedly till I dabbled in startups and venture capital through student organizations and internships. I became the President of an entrepreneurial club called ACE@Berkeley and was actively involved in the Berkeley entrepreneurial ecosystem. Deeply drawn to the power of technology and innovation, I combined the original aspiration with the new-found passion.

I'm currently starting my career as a Junior VC in the bay area, working with startups and learning from entrepreneurs. Feel free to join my newsletter list to receive weekly news update on the tech scenes around the world!

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    • WI Harper Group
  • Education
    • University of California, Berkeley