April Lou Gatmaitan

Manila Philippines

A Multi-Award Winning Sales Professional who managed one of the largest National Supermarket Chain in the Philippines for a semi-FMCG powerhouse but is currently up on her toes in Trade Marketing work.

Practices Vinyasa Yoga at Urban Ashram Manila but wishes she were more flexible.

Attempted to finish the ideal 5 rounds of WOD for Cross Fit Manila and it was a wonderful attempt.

Plana Forma is what challenges her now.

Apple nut; Thinks Twit.tv podcasts are the shiznitz!

Clean Eating is her new thing. But bacon is still her downfall.

Adores her smart and sassy mixed breed mutt, Doggie Howser.

Trying to finish Henry Petroski's The Pencil but keeps getting distracted by Infinite Jest and Game of Thrones.

Capricciosa is her sanctuary for Pub Quiz Nights every Wednesdays.

Played Lead Guitar for Gluons and Liquid Pepper; Little Drummer Girl for the Juniors Cheer Dance Group;

Currently the Keyboard player/back-up vocals for Sales Alternative.

Plays acoustic guitar and uploads her covers on SoundCloud or YouTube on weekends when not loaded with duet invites from Smule Sing App. No, she has no aspirations of being a singer. Just having fun.

Misses the pristine waters of Kanuhura in Maldives, riding Twin-Otter Sea Planes, and watching the sunset at Jehunuhura island.

  • Work
    • Trade Marketing Manager