April M. Anderson

New York, Ny Usa

April M. Anderson

New York, Ny Usa

As a career focused twenty-something, I found it difficult to navigate today's dynamic job market. I knew I wanted to work hard and to be successful, yet I struggled to find what truly motivated me. After working diligently to achieve that big job title and healthy paycheck I had aimed for, I felt more confused than ever. It wasn't what I wanted, yet I wasn't sure why. Now in my thirties, I can understand the importance of taking the time to truly understand what you want from work.

It is my purpose to help young professionals find their perfect career fit. Engaging in a career that allows you to maximize your skills and create meaning is how you better serve yourself and your world.

Certified in Hogan assessments, I utilize personality profiling and mind mapping exercises to help you realize your unique contribution and how that contribution can fit into today's ever-changing workplace. My background in managing large teams and designing global development programs for managers of large teams, creates a balance between practice and theory for optimal results.

Your Career Fit discovery will focus on three key areas:

1. Interests-purposeful matching of self to jobs with the objective of building the life you want in the time frame that you want it.

2. Values-deep understanding of your non-negotiables as they pertain to certain roles at certain companies.

3. Skills & Abilities-acquirement of knowledge and experiences to fit career opportunities in our ever-shifting marketplace.

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  • Education
    • MBA
    • Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business