April Rinne

San Francisco, California

I'm an insatiable globetrotter (86 countries and counting), YGL at the World Economic Forum, and do a mean handstand.

I also build bridges at the intersection of trends and sectors. Within the sharing economy, I focus on Shareable / Shared / Sharing Cities, policy issues, global market expansion, the future of travel and tourism, and the role of non-profits and impact investors.

I believe that the sharing economy has the potential to include -- and benefit -- a far broader range of stakeholders in addition to private companies. It can truly transform almost every aspect of today's economy, from public service provision to sustainable consumption in the developing world. We can build more lively, safe, resilient, connected and healthy communities. This is great for business too.

Many people call me a bumblebee: I thrive when I can cross-pollinate people, ideas and resources, and bring them together in ways that say "wow, that's what the world needs." And then make it happen.

Areas of expertise include: sharing economy / collaborative economy, collaborative consumption, policy for innovation, impact investing, emerging markets, sustainable tourism.

Additional expertise: microfinance, management of common resources, international corporate and financial law, social enterprise at the BOP (base of pyramid), women and leadership.

  • Education
    • Harvard Law School
    • The Fletcher School
    • Emory University
    • European University Institute
    • Oxford University