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April Robinson

April Robinson began her career at HMV’s Toronto flagship store on Yonge Street, coordinating live in-store performances, autograph sessions and assorted special events. From here she went on to become a Product Manager at Zomba Records Canada, working with pop icons Britney Spears, N•SYNC and Backstreet Boys. As Napster gathered steam and her label job fizzled out, April went on to act as Brand Manager + Media Arts Instructor for a chain of charter schools in Scottsdale, AZ; as a copy writer for a small but mighty design firm called Bridge Collective, and as a Communications Officer at a fancy-pants, independent school called Greenwood College. Finally, when a boy from Montreal fell out of the sky in 2009, April quickly picked up for La Belle Province. She now lives and works in Old Montreal, and freelances as a music content writer. Her artists interviews appear on her site, Talk Rock To Me, every Friday.