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April :o)

Welcome to my bio! Allow me to introduce myself!

Growing up, I was an athletic, energetic youngster. I loved to participate in sports, and I was always outside doing something active. Of course, when I was a kid, it was a time when kids were told to go play outside, and we roamed the neighborhood with our friends until dusk with no hint of danger.

Unfortunately, as I grew, so did my weight. Especially around my senior year of high school. College only added fuel to the fire, and the once athletic, active youngster turned into..well remember the pumpkin from Cinderella?

Long story short, I've struggled with a food addiction (mostly sweets) for most of my adult life. During this process, I have learned that God is so incredibly faithful, and He is teaching, guiding and instructing me on the path that leads to life - and life more abundantly. Hence, the reason for my blog I started it last year, and for a while, I was blogging regularly. However, my gung-ho energy tends to wear out after a while (something else God and I are working on), and my last post was in January of this year. I feel Him leading me in a different blogging direction, and I hope you will join me on this journey that I am sure will be full of laughter, tears, frustration, but most of all, VICTORY! I pray through this blog, we will minister to each other and lend a helping hand along the way. I also pray you find victory in every area of your life!

Remember, God is in Love with you!

In His Love,