Apryl Tillman

Overland Park, KS

I am a Midwest girl with a sassy southern charm and a sympathetic nature. My gregarious attitude organically positions me to occupy leadership roles within my family, friend groups and for clients as a tobacco category manager.

My responsibilities as a big sister and a single-dog parent allot situations, where I can supply my commonsensical humor and perceptive guidance.

Having a holistic approach to life and happiness fuels my attempt to gain diverse worldly experiences, such as studying in India, and to find my calling by adjusting my career path and return to academia.

My interests in communication, film and, societal psychology/culture, lay the backbone for my enthusiasm within the marketing & advertising industry. Being that career fulfillment, faith and my relationships are what I find most important, making the move to Austin, TX where I am closer to family, within the bible belt, and on the cusp of a career change, make being a part of the 2017 class for the Texas MBA a gratifying moment.