Dr. Apta Chaitanya

Andhra Pradesh, India

Born artist and deep thinker. About 10 years of experience as freelance identity designer with good clients all over the world, I learnt how visual elements speak to people and how they represent the brand and the business.

I work based on user centric thinking, user psychological patterns, research of symbols, other visual elements and their impacts with a flavour of innovation and creativity.

Did PhD in Life Science which taught me Research, Analysis and Problem Solving Skills. Love to play guitar, listen to romantic english tracks. Passionate to be Creative. Merog is another name as Designer. Can't stay away from tech stuff. Making and flying RC planes at another corner. Used to sit together with father and do painting, love water color on paper. A connected computer is a regular mate.

  • Work
    • Asst. Proffessor
  • Education
    • PhD in Environmental Microbiology