James Andrews

When I was choosing my GCSEs I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my maths-nerdishness and science-geekery, so I spoke to a doctor, dentist, pharmacist and optometrist about their jobs.

The doctor was interesting and thoughtful, but in 1996, was downbeat on medicine and the NHS, and I’m not a fan of stranger’s orifices.

The dentist was cool and rich, but poking around in dirty gobs all day wasn’t for me.

The optometrist was dull and well off, but sitting in a dark room repeating the alphabet each day didn’t appeal.

The pharmacist was...well she was bizarre, but the idea of knowing how a small white tablet could prevent a heart attack or stop a body rejecting a new organ, fascinated me beyond anything I could otherwise imagine (except, perhaps, being able to talk to girls without gibbering wildly).


After 10 years and more as a pharmacist, I’m now a specialist in community services and general practice, where I spend my time making sure that medicines are used safely and more effectively for us all.

I’m also a dad to a Little’un who’s growing up faster than I’d like, a Littlest who doesn't sleep anywhere near enough and a husband to an exceptionally patient and wonderful wife who sadly can’t cook for love nor money.